Maternally Challenged by Kathy Chlan

Maternally Challenged by Kathy Chlan

Maternally Challenged:

How My Special Needs Son Taught Me to

Sack Up and Laugh!

By Kathy Chlan


Kathy Chlan knows first hand that the only thing you can expect when you’re expecting is,
well, the unexpected. Twenty-five years ago, Chlan – the popular writer behind the blog Unfiltered Mom – gave birth to her first son, who would be diagnosed with developmental and learning disabilities by the age of two.

She has since helped thousands of moms who are also “parenting by the seat of their pants” navigate the chaos of raising kids, and the challenges and joys that come with raising one with special needs.

“As a mother of two sons, including one with special needs, I know what it’s like to have a
family that doesn’t fit the mold,” says Chlan. “But all mothers face adversities in life. My response?

Laugh through it all!”

photo by Maternally Challenged

This message is at the foundation of ChIan’s new book,

Maternally Challenged: How My Special Needs Son Taught Me to Sack Up and Laugh!

Serving as encouragement to mothers of all walks of life who are just trying to make it to bedtime, Maternally Challenged will help readers find that they’re not alone in dealing with family dysfunction and everyday parenting drudgery.

Rooted in Chlan’s guidance are methods to re-contextualize daily troubles for a new outlook on parenthood and life – and even start laughing through adversity.

“All moms worry they don’t know what they are doing, myself included,” continues Chlan. “I am here to encourage moms to realize that the unknown actually is the norm, and help them to start laughing through all the bumps in the road.”

Through heartwarming and hilarious personal accounts, in Maternally Challenged, Chlan

touches upon topics including:

  • Steps you can take when life throws you a series of unexpected curveballs

  • How to stop dwelling on your mistakes and find time to appreciate life’s little victories

  • How to teach your special needs child that using disability as a crutch is never an option

  • How to put terrible days and tantrums into greater perspective

  • And much, much more!

 Kathy Chlan is the popular blogger and YouTuber behind Unfiltered Mom, where she
encourages moms from all walks of life to keep going and keep laughing.

Chlan has a degree in journalism from Rutgers’s University, and regularly hosts a lifestyle segment on the show CT Style out of New Haven, CT.

She has also been featured on Forbes Books Radio, Reality Moms, ModernMom and much more. Ever an advocate for those with special needs, she also works as a para for second graders with Autism.

She is the mother to two wonderful kids, the oldest who has special needs, and lives at the Jersey Shore with her husband and their beloved dog, Mollie.

For more information visit and connect with Kathy Chlan on
, YouTube and Twitter.



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My Review:

This book will be very enlightening for those who don’t know what it means to work, live, and care for a child with multiple health and learning issues. Kathy story is not one by itself. There are many stories like her’s hidden in the corners of America where mother’s who have found themselves at their wits end trying to figure out why their child is not developing the way they should. It’s can be very frightening for mothers not knowing what is wrong, whether its their first child or fourth child.

In this book she tells the story of her struggles in finding answers. She shares a notes from her mother, twin sister, brother and her youngest son. She tells the struggles that she had with Casey. She tells how, as she says it “How My Special Needs Son Taught Me To Sack Up And Laugh.” Now I could keep going on about this book. But I am giving it away to a lucky winner. This is a second place in a give away for someone who signs up for my email. Or you can purchase one on Amazon; click here to purchase one.

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