Amazing Dog Collar

Amazing Dog Collar

I know the title is a little deceptive. But it’s true. When we first adopted our Black Labrador he like to bite everyone.  So we bought a shock collar.

When he started biting we would give him a little shock. With that little shock he stopped biting us. Especially when he was trying to my youngest son, who was terrified of him.

Not only has this shock collar helped with his biting. The collar has also helped with other behaviors. Like jumping on the couch, running away from the house, and keeping him away from the dinner table.

Jake is a beautiful dog but he is still just a puppy. So until he learns to do what is right then we will keep the shock collar on him.

One of the positive things that has happen is that now all we have to do is show him the controller and he will sit down and be a good boy for a few moments.

This collar has also helped him with chewing on things he shouldn’t being biting on. It has been a great tool for training him.

If we didn’t have this shock collar, this dog would be driving me krazy. Jake is turning out to be a pretty good dog and companion for my wife.

Yes, companion, actually service dog. We are training him to be my wife’s service dog. When we first adopted Jake my wife had a seizure he climbed on top of her and kept her safe till me and the kids got home from church.

Like I said in before he is a beautiful dog. He loves attention, play and being petted. Jake is turning into a good dog. He has more training to go through to get to where he needs to be a good service dog.

Here is a link to purchase your own shock collar; click here Petrainer Dog Shock Collar

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