Another Reason to HATE “Apple”and technology!!

Another Reason to HATE “Apple”and technology!!

Just when things are working well together in the world of technology “Apple” goes and screws it up.

Now they are requiring you to have a two-step authentication to get into your account.

Because I don’t have an IPhone anymore but I still have an account and use it to get calendar info from a friend whom we babysit for.

Now because of this new authentication my Google calendar won’t sync with the icalendar.

This extra step will now make me have to go to icloud login there then I will manually have to put in that info into my Google calendar.

Not that my krazy life is not enough, now I have to take theses extra steps to see when we when are babysitting.

Thanks “Apple” for making my life crazier!

Sincerely Mark

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