Blogging Plug-Ins: Which One Should I Choose?

Blogging Plug-Ins: Which One Should I Choose?

  1. Login to Word Press

  2. Look to the left side bar

  3. Under Appearance you will see Plugins

  4. Click on Plugins; this will take you to another page

  5. Here you will see a list of plugins that are already pre-installed.

  6. Click “Add New” to search for a new plugin.

  7. You can choose from; featured, popular, recommended, favorites, premium

  8. Or you can search plugins

  9. When you find the plugin that you need click install, it will install, then click activate.

  10. Once you click activate, the page will take you back to the list of your plugins.

  11. To alter or add to your plugin you will either look under settings or see it listed over to the left.

  12. Once you have added to or altered your plugin, it will  update your settings (or you might have to hit a save button)

  13. Your will want to go to your site and hit reload to test to see if your plugin is working on your site.

If the plugin is not working properly. Then you will need to go back into Word Press and check to make sure that the information is correct in the plugin.

Here is the list of Plugins that I use for my site.

  1. Ad Inserter

  2. Amazon Associated Link Builder

  3. Blogger Importer

  4. Category Specific RSS Menu

  5. Easy Adsense Ads & Scripts Manager

  6. eBook Store

  7. Free Landing Pages Builder by WishPond

  8. Adsense Ads Manager by Google

  9. Dashboard For WP (GADWP) Google Analytics

  10. Google Analytics for WordPress by Monster Insights

  11. Heas Meta Data

  12. Jetpack by WordPress

  13. Kirki Toolkit

  14. MailChimp Form by MailMunch

  15. MOJO Marketplace

  16. Ultimate Landing Page

  17. WordPress Importer

  18. WP Simple Adsense Insertion

  19. WPForms Lite

  20. Yoast SEO Premium

This list of plugins help me with forms, inserting ads for Google, adding products from Amazon, Google Analytics which keeps track of site data. MailChimp is an email signup form. That’s my list.

Your list might be similar to mine if you are using WordPress. If you are using something other than WordPress your plugins might be different.

Whichever host program that you are using. Don’t be afraid to explore first before you publish your site. It might also be a good idea to search on youtube for setting up your site.

Or go to FaceBook and seek out those who are using whichever hosting company that you may be using. There are also tutorials that can be found on your host site. Click Here for WordPress .

Then last but not least you can always call the 10 year old down the street. I sure for a twenty dollars and a pizza they can have it setup for you in no time.

If they can help you then shoot me an email at We can setup a time for me to help you with your site.

I hope that you found this information useful.



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