Maybe I am Krazy

Maybe I am Krazy

Why I am krazy?

I don’t know if I am krazy?

I guess as time passes by.

You go through so many experiences from birth to death (though I am not dead yet).

But the experiences that you have during your early years shape future to some extent.

There are a lot of things I can remember. But others I can’t. Especially when my kids ask me about things I liked or would have liked to do. I think that I am crazy but not insane. Because if I were insane then I might not know what my name is or where I am living.

So it is just the little things that happens in life that is driving me crazy. Probably the one thing that drives me crazy the most. Is having to repeat myself to my children, especially when they know what to do.

Or when they are putting the dishes away. And they put it just anywhere without asking where it goes. Because they are either to lazy to look or embarrassed to ask where the container goes.

This is just a couple of things that drives me crazy.

Have a blessed day and let’s go crazy together. So message me or leave a comment.



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