How To Monetize Your Blog!

How To Monetize Your Blog!

In the last post we talked about how to setup your blog through WordPress. I hope that you were able to get all setup.

Now let’s learn how to monetize your new blog. There is a lot of information out there on how to monetize a blog. I am just offering my view on how I am monetizing my blog.

And I am passing on information that I have learned from other bloggers who are implementing some if not all of the ways to monetize your blog.

  1. Affiliate Marketing – there are a few different ways to do affiliate marketing. First you can google affiliate marketing, this will give you a list of companies that you can contact and sign up with; like Amazon.

    Second, you can sign up with Affiliate companies; like CJ Affiliate, they have multiple companies that they use and are accessible for you. However, you will not be approved with every affiliate that you signup with.

  2. Ad Sense – Google admob  is the preferred most popular adsense company when using Google AdSense.  There are other adsense companies like; Media.Net, Adsterra and 15 other to be found by clicking here.

  3. Creating A Digital Product – this is done by something that you have created through typing, taking a pictures or creating digital art. You will find in WordPress a tab that says “Ebook Store” this is where you can create an ebook and then publish it and sell it all in one place. With pictures and digital art you will need to use a third party program to market pictures and digital art. Click Here to see the list.

  4. Product Placement – this is done by placing the product that you are advertising in a position that shows the name brand of the product. Then you make a video or take a picture of you or someone else using the product.

  5. Freelance  Work – this is done by connecting with other bloggers and other companies who need photo and video editing. You will need to have some knowledge on how to do such editing.

  6. Blog Sponsors – are when you and a company come to terms on a product that you would create a blog about. You would take their chosen product and create a blog or vlog about the benefits and how you use the product in your life.

  7. Advertise Your Own Products – If you have your own products that you make or purchased from some where else the you can advertise those on your site. Either in a blog or on a separate page on the site.

  8. Income w/Paid Social Media – these projects are produced through photo or video projects. Here is a link for the FaceBook Branded Content.

  9. Product Reviews – this way is used several different ways. One is where you use a product that you believe in and do a review on the product whether its a pot holder or book.

    Then you are either take an order for the product or you place an affiliate link on the page below the product. Secondly, you can do a vlog review like I did in this post here: The Brush Off.

MyKrazyLife is using three of these methods to attempt to make money with this blog. I use “Amazon Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense and Product Reviews.

I am in the process of learning how to use the other methods of creating income with my blog. If you would like to learn more then please use the email sign up to the right and when a new class begins from the people that I learned from opens their enrollment then I can send you a link to sign up.

My advice also is to research and study as much as you can about making money with your blog. So many blogs will tell you what you want to hear.

Other blogs will just mention about making money with your blog and give you no additional information. Some will give you links to other links that lead back to their links.

I just want to be straight forward with you. I can only teach you what I have learned and practiced. Once I start using other methods of making money with my blog, I will share that knowledge with you.

Also if you are having trouble with implementing Google Adsense or affiliate marketing on your site. If you need some guidance in this area I can answer some questions for you.

Just email me at markar1366@gmail and in the subject area put monetize my blog.

I hope that you found this information useful to you. Whether you did or didn’t please comment below. Thanks!

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