I Can’t Imagine!

I Can’t Imagine!

I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I couldn’t walk. Especially if I was able to walk before. How does it affect one’s mind? When all of a sudden your legs stop working. No matter how many times that you tell them to walk. They won’t!

Have you ever experienced a time when you were unable to do anything? Imagine not being able to do that ever again without assistance. Through my wife’s eyes that is how she feels.

Also imagine with me about slowly losing your vision. Take just a second and put your hand over one of your eyes. Then try to look to the left or right depending on which eye you covered. You vision is limited, I know because I don’t have a lens in my left eye.

Now take a clear plastic baggie and put it up to your eyes. This is how it is for people who have cataracts.

What about hearing loss? Well take some cotton balls and stick them in your ears. Or better yet get some ear plugs and try them out. You can’t hardly hear a thing with those in. You still hear slightly even with those. Just imaging having total hearing loss.

Just imagine everything that you can possibly do right now. And all those thing that you can do, is taken away from you in a flash of a moment.

What would you do? Would you fight or would you give up? Imagine losing all you abilities at the age of 22. In recent years young adults have been fighting back more. Not that they haven’t in the past we just hear about it more since the age of technology.

Really though do you fight with all you got? Or do you just lay in that bed doing nothing, just wasting away? My wife decided to fight more than 10 ears ago. Why because she has two wonderful children to live for.

She is suffering with all the disabilities mentioned above. She keeps fighting and keeps pressing for answers as to what is causing all these disabilities.

Disabilities sucks! They slow you down and get in the way. I can’t imagine what she is going through. Though I am right here with her she has a range of feeling that she goes through each moment.

She takes being disabled one day at a time. Sometimes she does it with ease. Other days with frustration and great pain.

I am not trying to be a jerk. I am just putting my feelings out there. Not only mine but all caregivers.

We don’t like it when people stare when we are assisting our loved ones around the store. We hate that our loved one is having these health issues. If we could make them whole again we would, but we can’t.

Sometimes, we would also liked to be ask how we are doing. Maybe, we’ve had a bad day because we strained our back helping our loved one into their chair. Maybe, we get a little frustrated when we just get to sit down they call on us to get something else for them.

Don’t get me wrong we do all this out of love. But for some of us we have children still living at home. And they want and need attention also. Then someone has to cook, clean, grocery shop, cut the grass, and do the laundry.

And sometimes it is just the caregiver having to do all of it. Fortunately for me I have two wonderful teenagers to help do some of the house work. I am thankful that they are able to take care of themselves.

Disabilities affect more that just the person living with them. They affect everyone around them for either the good or bad. Because some people give up on their loved ones and put them in nursing homes so that they don’t have to deal with them.

So just imagine if you had a disability. Would you want to be put in a nursing home?

I can’t imagine that you would. Because we all know someone who has had a relative in a assisted living or nursing home. You have heard the stories of the abuse that some of them go through till the care-takers are caught. It’s sad and devastating to the disabled and the family.

There needs to be more accessible resources for caregivers to take care of their loved ones.  Because in searching for help the internet is just overwhelming with info. But that info doesn’t lead you to the resources that are needed.

That my friend is frustrating! So for those of us who are caregivers in need of resources to care for not only our disabled loved  one but the whole family. Where do we start? Where do we do look?

Often times I just get told to call back next week. They might have something then.

But what can you do? Just keep fighting, keep searching for those resources, keep loving the one who needs your help with their needs.

Be encouraged that you are not alone in your journey in caring for your loved one who has a disability, whether they were born with it or they were stricken with it. Love them, care for them. You can make it through.

I can’t even imagine what they are going through!



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