Important Sections For Your Website!

Important Sections For Your Website!

In the last few post we have been learning about how to make money with your site. This post here is about Important sections that you will need for you site.

These are highly suggested sections that you have clearly labeled on your site.

  1. Home

  2. About

  3. Work With Us

  4. Contact

  5. Faq

  6. Privacy Policy

  7. Web Site; Terms and Conditions

You might also want to list your themes or niches

  1. Travel

  2. Food

  3. Family Life

  4. DYI 

Now in each of these sections you will want to make sure you have the right information;

  1.  Home – This section can be used to display your post. Or it can be used as a Welcome page and offer a snippet of what your site is all about.

  2. About – With this page you can share your short biography. Keep it simple and somewhat short. You don’t have to give every detail of your past.

  3. Work With Us – In this section you will want to give some examples of what you have marketed and what you are will to do to help the advertiser promote their product.

  4. Contact – This is a very important section. Here you don’t want to just use a form. You actually want to put your business information. If you look at my Contact page. You will see my Name, phone number and email address. I also included what city and state I live in, but not my physical address. I also note of when it is best to contact me.

  5. Faq – I personally don’t have a “faq” page. But many top bloggers have one to give facts about when their business started, how much money that they make, where they live, how you they started in blogging. You can use this section for questions that you think that your audience will want to know. Here is Heather and Pete Reese faq page It’s A Lovely Life, that you can read over and get some ideas from them.

  6. Privacy Policy – This page lets you know that they will not sell or use your personal information in an unlawful way. And they will keep your personal information “confidential,” to the best of their abilities. Here is a good example from Melyssa Griffin.

  7. Web Site; Terms and Conditions – This section here explains the terms of the site, license usage, permissions, materials, on the site, constraints, amendments, links terms of use modifications, governing law. And some site use this section to include the “privacy policy.” Click here to view mine.

Now some bloggers have their blog post go to a specific page that they a blogging about. Like if you are blogging about Travel, DIY, Family Finances, or Food. Then today you would post your blog about food on your blogging food page.

Other bloggers like me who are a lifestyle blog may not have all the other pages listed above. We just simply add our new post to the front page of our blog.

There are many different ways to setup your blog site. And only you can be the judge of how you set it up. But remember if you are looking to make an income from your site. You need to make it appealing to your audience and to those who would like to advertise on your site.

Find a few trusted people who will be honest with you. Have them tell you what they think of your site. Ask them to research other peoples blogs to give you a good comparison.

I hope that you have found this post informative and helpful to building a better blog for you. Blog On!

Have A Blessed Day!



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