It’s been a “Krazy” morning!

It’s been a “Krazy” morning!

It has been a krazy morning. We have been having some internet issues over the past two or three weeks, and I just thought it might have been some issues with where the signal is coming from.

Well it turns out that there was an issue at the my main box down near the sidewalk. Mr Spectrum boosted my signal and changed out the spectrum modem.

I am telling you it was driving me krazy! Because I would be searching on FaceBook, Pinterest  or working on a blog. The internet would loose signal go out for three to five minutes.

I would then check all my connections and make sure that everything was okay on my end.

So, I called Spectrum the other day to come look at it then decided to cancel because I reset everything on my end and thought that it may still have been my issue.

I cancelled the call to see it the issue would persist and it did.

Last night we were still having issues. So I called and setup an appointment for Spectrum to come look at the issue.

Well they arrived on time (yeah!!) the guy was very nice and courteous. He started at the street and boosted my signal to the house, checked the box at the house.

Then he preceded to come in the house. When he was coming up to the driveway I was working on a bush and Jenn was sitting behind me with the dog talking to me.

Mr Spectrum walks up. And the dog goes for him in a friendly way wanting to be petted.

But on the other end of the leash is my dear loving wife who is now being dragged out of her wheelchair by the eighty pound lab.

I yelled “let go”! Well I grabbed the dog and hooked him to a post in the garage, then I picked her up and put her back in her chair.

The only injury that she received from the dog dragging her was a scrape on her right knee. Shew! What a krazy morning! Have a blessed day.

Sincerely, Mark

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