Krazy just Krazy!

Krazy just Krazy!

It has been almost a month now that I started back blogging about my krazy life, and believe you me it has been krazy. My wife Jenn has had 2 doctor’s visits not counting the one today at three o’clock.

My daughter has had four doctor’s visits and I’ve had one. In addition to that the kids went to Daytona for a week with their youth group from Community Bible Church.

We also care for a two year old girl, she is as cute as a button. He mom has a krazy schedule because she is charge nurse at a local hospital.

Another krazy thing that happened is Jenn had a seizure one night and lost all feeling from her waist down, then a few weeks later she had another seizure and the feeling came back into her lower back and legs.

But now she is in a lot of pain and is still having to use her wheelchair. I really hate that she is having to go through all of this.

That is partly the reason that I am here is because I am looking to make some money from this blog. I am not lazy because there is lots to do around my house.

Plus I care for the kids, cook, clean and mow the grass. But Jenn doesn’t like me to work away from the house, plus hiring someone to come in and care for her and the kids would be very expensive.

So we scrape by on her disability income, but it doesn’t pay all the bills.

Also I forgot to mention that my father in law is having some health issues and it’s causing some issues between him and my mother in law.

So if you are a praying person then please lift them up and my family in your prayers, it would be greatly appreciated.

And that is “my krazy life” for the month of June so far. I hope that yours is doing good.

Have a blessed day.

Remember there is always someone who has it worse than you, so I know that there are people and families that are having it worse than me and my family.



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