Krazy Weather! The Clean Up, After a Disaster!

Krazy Weather! The Clean Up, After a Disaster!

In the last post I covered, What to Do During a Disaster. This post is going to cover what to do “After the Disaster.” Be sure to read through each step to see where you need to go to work. These steps are not in any particular order.

Step One; after the storm has passed and you are not in any imminent danger. Go outside to asses the damages around your house.

If there wasn’t any damage to your house. Be sure to thank the Lord above! However, if there is damage thank the Lord that you are still living.

Step Two; If you do have damage. Asses what kind of damage that you have. Is there debris all over? Are there any trees that have fallen?

If there are trees that have fallen asses how it needs to be cut up. Are there power lines near by?  Who will you call to remove the trees?

Step Three; if there are power lines tangled up in your tree. Then you will have to contact your power company. If the tree is to big for you to handle you will need to call a tree service. Which tree service will you call? Make sure they are licensed and insured so if the cause more damage they will pay for those damages.

Step Four; Call your “Home Owners” insurance company. So that they can come out and asses the damage if any to your home or vehicle.

Step Five; If there is damage to your house or vehicle. You will want to get at least three reputable estimates for your damages.

Step Six; If you didn’t have any damages personally, then check on your neighbors and help them out if needed.

Step Seven; If your whole neighborhood was spared then once again Thank the Lord above for protecting you and your neighborhood.

Step Eight; Pray! Pray for those who were hurt or had damage to their neighborhoods, houses, vehicles or businesses.

Step Nine; Give to those who are in need during this time of disaster. Choose a disaster relief organization that you trust and make a donation to them.

Step Ten; If you are able to help in other places of need. Then go and help cleanup the mess that the weather has made.

 After the cleanup is finished you may resume normal operating procedures. Don’t let a disaster get you down. Remember, that there are storms that come and go in our lives. We can’t let one storm ruin the rest of our lives.

Also be sure to contact family and friends who might be affected by the storm. And contact those who might be concerned about you during the storm.

Stay Safe! Stay Calm! and God will see you through any storm that comes your way.

God Bless!



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