Krazy Weather!

Krazy Weather!

I am so thankful for the rain. But makes for a krazy time on the inside with the kids.

It is hard to spread your wings and fly like krazy little monsters.

Once again I am thankful for the rain because for the past two years Atlanta GA area has been in a drought again. My grass was just non-existent last year.

This year I started early on planting grass only because I had a little more money to put into it.

But the front yard grass still needs work, who am I kidding the all the dirt around my house needs grass.

But I have a terrible rain runoff problem. But I am thankful for the rain!

I just hope that it continues to rain throughout the summer and fall, not every day but at least one to two days out of the week.

If it rains like that I believe that we will avoid a drought here in GA.

I am thankful for the rain! But there is always sunshine after the rain and I am thankful for both.

Sincerely, Mark

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