Labor Day! Why Do We Celebrate It?

Labor Day! Why Do We Celebrate It?

What is Labor Day and Why do we celebrate it?

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Labor Day is a day that we celebrate because of Peter J. McGuire. He was the founder of “United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America.”

McGuire is also responsible for giving us the eight hour work day.  In 1882 McGuire “introduced a resolution calling for workers to lead a ‘festive parade through the streets of the city’ and this happened on the first Monday of September.”

He also was the founder of “May Day” the international Labor Day that was passed in 1868 by congress.

McGuire encouraged the workers to enforce it themselves. Though this decision had a serious backlash and was delayed because of a bomb that was thrown at a rally in support of strikers.

This destroyed thirteen years of hard work that McGuire had put in the labor movement. Most of the progress that was won in those earlier years were erased.

To learn more about Peter J. McGuire just click on his name.

Labor was celebrated in many cities throughout the country. But it wasn’t till June 28, 1894 that Congress passed an act declaring the first Monday of September a legal holiday.

As we approach our national holiday’s take a moment and thank Mr McGuire and all those who had a part in creating “Labor Day.” Also thank him for pushing for the eight hour day. Otherwise you would be working twelve hours a day, seven days a week.

So as you sit by the pool, relaxing on your couch watching television or cooking on the grill. Remember to give thanks to God and the people who have paved the way to give you this day off.

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