Learning More About Blogging

Learning More About Blogging

I just wanted to put it out there that I am attempting at making a living by blogging.

I have joined a few groups on FB to see what I can learn how to increase my traffic and encourage people to view by blogs and possibly click on the ad and buy something from the ad.

So if you have suggestions, hints or advice please send them my way.

The reason that I am doing this is because I am a stay at home dad caring for my wife and kids.

My wife has LUPUS and other issues with her health.

Her insurance doesn’t pay for a person to sit with her, so that is why I am at home most of the time with her and the kids.

We currently live off of her SSI and SSD in addition to caring for a 2yr old.

It is tight financially in getting things accomplished around our house.

So you see why my post is called “My Crazy Life”

So please send me your advice and hints, I would greatly appreciate it.

Send me some traffic too.

Sincerely, Mark

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