What Is Life Like After Success?

What Is Life Like After Success?

This is a question that I have had in the back of my mind for years. What is life like after you have succeeded in what you have been chasing? How do you maintain the success that you have attained?

I know that you will have the same feeling and thoughts that you’ve had before. How do you continue succeeding in what you have accomplished.

My thought is okay now that I have accomplished my dream how do I keep it going? This dream consist of building a successful blog that people will turn to when they want to find info on a book or product.

What if I work for the next three years make it as a top blogger. Make the income that I want to make and then fail.

Are these the kind of thoughts that everyone holds?  What kind of thoughts have held you back? What did you do to overcome these kind of thoughts?

Thing is I want to be successful at something. I have tried lots of ideas that I’ve had, but I never pressed through to make them a reality or a viable business to produce an income for me and now my family.

I have read books on different people who has achieved their dreams. Some of the books only sugar coated what the person went through. I want to know the real struggle of achieving your dreams of being successful.

This dream of success is one of making it to the top of your department, branch of a craft, art, business, or manufacture and income.

The reason I write this post here, is because I am struggling on what to do. I am also frustrated with myself and the blogging world.

Frustrated and struggling because I know what I have to do, but don’t do it because I am afraid that I might succeed or fail. I know that I need to press on and that success doesn’t happen overnight in the blogging world.

But I am tired of living below my dreams where I now have a platform on which to give my opinion and reviews on life, products and events.

I am even surprised at the fact that I have written 375 words for this post to this point.

Success! Can someone please tell me what is it like after you have achieved your goal of making it. What did you do afterwards and are you making the income that you desired after you succeed?

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  1. I am totally feeling this post. I try to shove those thoughts away because I think of my boys. Success is one thing that everyone loves to have and keeping the momentum is a struggle. I admit, I struggle with my several side hustles, but it is a trial and error. Some days you question yourself and be like WTH am I doing? I focus on myself, my family, and use that as my motivation. Yes, income is slow, but nowadays everyone has multiple streams of income. Every little bit helps no matter how little we make, but seriously Mark, DO NOT GIVE UP! You got this and have to stay positive. I always remind myself, if they can do it? I can to! Wish you the best with the blogging world and will continue to follow up your posts. =) Have a great weekend.

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