Remembering 9/11; Have We Forgotten?

Remembering 9/11; Have We Forgotten?

I was on break and about to take a nap when I got a phone call from work. The assistant director called and  said turn on the television and see what is happening in the news.

They had heard that there was something bad happening in New York. So I turned the television on and to my dismay I them replaying a plane slamming into the first tower.

Then there were two other plane crashes that happened one right after another. One crash went into the Pentagon the other crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.

I thought that maybe the pilot was a disgruntled employee and decided to end his life with all the others on the flight. But then the second plane slammed into the second tower.

That’s when I knew there was some terribly wrong. I didn’t know who or what. But as I watched the news they would eventually tell us later.

Next came the questions; Why? Who? How? Distraught, panic, fear crept into the minds of the public. Were we under attack? Why were we under attack?

I remember the whole country shout down for days. The only way that you could travel was by vehicle. There were no flights in or out of the country for days.

The world stood in utter disbelief when the building came crashing down to the earth. How could this happen? Was on the minds of many. Still today many have questions as to why and how this could have happened.

author unknown; this picture was taken during the cleanup.

There are some that think that it was a conspiracy on behalf of our government. Those reasons are speculation and unclear. But such a accusation makes you wonder when you don’t have all the answers.

Remember though is why we are here. Remember the all the people that sacrificed their lives to save those in the towers. Remember those same ones who sifted through the ruble to find those who had lost their lives to the clasped building.

Remember those who fought with the terrorist in the cockpit of the planes to keep them from crashing into another building.

Remember they gave their lives to save others from the destructive acts of terrorist.

We are in debt to all of those people who gave their lives during the destruction that the terrorist caused on September 11, 2001. We can not express our gratitude enough for the families who they left behind.

Was Remembering 9/11 overshadowed from the destructive hurricane storms that have pounded Texas, Florida and Georgia?

No! I remember. Now here is a reminder for you. So take a moment and remember those who gave their lives for you on this day.

God Bless America!

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  1. This is so true. I wrote a post today asking people where they were this day 16 years ago. It is crazy to think how long its actually been and how quick time goes by. I’ll never forget it! And about the top part of your post… well we now know if you fold the 20 dollar bill in a certain way … it shows the towers burning! So if that doesn’t say something for its self, well I don’t know what would. God bless all of our emergency personnel, fire fighters, police, civilians and everyone who lost their lives and risk their lives for us every single day. And to all those who lost loved ones, they will NEVER be forgotten!

    1. Thanks for commenting. Sorry it has been a little crazy around my house. Sorry that it has taken a couple of weeks to respond back to you. We had the hurricane came through the kids we watch we out of school. Now I hope that our life centers again so that I can work on my blog. Have a great day and blog on!

    1. Thanks for reading my blog. I hope that you are having a great day. It has been a little crazy around here with the hurricane blowing through and the kids being out of school for a week. Sorry that it has taken so long to get back with you. Have a good day and blog on!

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