Renovations to Our Home!

Renovations to Our Home!

A walk-in tube salesman came today. He was here to give a quote to upgrade our bathroom.

The cost for them to do the renovation is $15,000.00.


And he said he is on the low end.

But he also guaranteed life time on parts and labor. Of course as long as you maintain it properly and don’t damage it.

After his closing remarks he showed us the price. And said he could take 10% down and $200.00 monthly.

Jennifer then turned and looked at me. I said, “sorry we can’t afford that right now.”

Disappointed was Jennifer. But we are barely scrapping by at the moment.

We just bought a used truck last year that we still owe $4000.00 on it.

Plus credit cards where I had to have the transmission in the truck fixed in April.

There is much more we need to do to house to make it wheelchair friendly, my oldest son needs a closet,

and we need to install new floors again because the one we installed a few years ago is cracking.

If you know where to find some government resources please let me know.

I don’t want to totally rely on the government for help. That is the reason that I am trying to make money through blogging.

Because blogging keeps me home. So that I can care for my wife who is wheelchair bound and homeschooling my three kids.

Because as you well know. Insurance or Social Security Disability don’t pay for renovations to your house when you are disabled.

So I ask that if you pray that you pray for us. So that we can find the resources to make the changes to accommodate her needs.

I am a handyman on some things but making changes as extensive as these is beyond my ability.

This is “My Krazy Life” so pray for us. Thanks!



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