Shocked at “Good Will”

Shocked at “Good Will”

So we went to “Good Will” this evening got to the cash register and had major sticker shock.

My daughter had to buy some shirts for the beach Jenn bought a couple, I purchased a couple and we also bought some books and a luggage bag.

It all added up to 108.00 the cashier gave us a discount of 8.00.

I then looked at the cost of each item and said these are used shirts they shouldn’t cost $5.99, I didn’t mean to make my daughter feel bad, but I think that we could have gone to Walmart and bought new ones for that much.

Anyhow, I think that “Good Will” is charging to much for their used clothes.

Let me know what you think? Just send me a message or leave a comment.

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  1. When Goodwill became the “popular thigh”‘it totally changed. They ar ridiculously high now. Yes, you can go to Kohl’s when then have sales, use their coupons and get new items just as cheap.

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