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Krazy Weather! The Clean Up, After a Disaster!

In the last post I covered, What to Do During a Disaster. This post is going to cover what to do “After the Disaster.” Be sure to read through each step to see where you need to go to work. These steps are not in any particular order. Step One; after the storm has passed […]


To All The Krazy People Out There!

To all the Krazy people out there making a blog living. I don’t really know where I am going with this but bear with me. I will eventually figure all this out. Also, the blogging guru’s say that you should make a schedule. With school just starting back that’s what I have been trying to […]


Krazy just Krazy!

It has been almost a month now that I started back blogging about my krazy life, and believe you me it has been krazy. My wife Jenn has had 2 doctor’s visits not counting the one today at three o’clock. My daughter has had four doctor’s visits and I’ve had one. In addition to that […]