Thanks to WordPress!

Thanks to WordPress!

I want to thank WordPress tech for helping me. He answered some technical questions for me. I was under another site with WordPress and was needing to switch to BlueHost by WordPress. I know that sounds funny but it’s true.

With the original WordPress I paid $99.00 for the year.

With BlueHost I got it for $106.00 for 36 months, what an awesome buy! Then I was able to export and import my blogs from one site to another before I had to many post.

In addition to all that I was able to get a $73.00 refund from WordPress. So it only cost me an additional $33.00 to switch to BlueHost so that I have more freedom it monetizing my blog.

So if you are interested in starting a blog you can visit this site    this is a great here:  Blue Host For 2.95 a month deal for 36months.

You can also sign up on how to start making money with your blog also. The classes have already started for this month but you can always signup for next month.

If you do happen to sign up please let them know that I (Mark Richards) referred you.


Sincerely, Mark

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