The Latest Journey

The Latest Journey

We left at six-thirty in the morning, we stopped at McDonalds for a biscuit and a large tea for me. Jenn couldn’t have anything due to a procedure that she was going to have. Arriving at the hospital, went to registrar her in, then went to the waiting area to be taken back to be prepped for her procedure.

Finally she was called back to have her CT Cervical Myelogram. 

However she was unable to have the CT done because the doctor was not able to get fluid in or out of her spine. So we called Jenn’s neurologist and he sent us to another hospital to see if they could possibly do the procedure.

The doctors at this hospital decided to an MRI if they were able to turn off her Vagus Nerve Stimulator, and they were able to turn it off. Since they were able to turn it off they did the MRI Thursday evening late.

She didn’t get back to the room till ten-thirty PM. We were told that they would review it and get back with us later(much later). It wasn’t till the next morning that we were told that nothing was blocking or swollen around the spinal cord.

So with that news we were going to be checking out. Until they decided to take another look. Which was a good call but they still didn’t find anything significant.

With that info we were able to be checked out. It was around four PM or so when we left. Guess when rush hour traffic is in Atlanta, all the time (not really).

We did hit rush hour traffic though, along with an accident in the HOV lane.

We finally made it home around six-thirty PM. When leaving to come home, my little lady went to sleep.

She wanted to go and pick up our kids and dog at her mom’s house but I made the decision to bring her home and put her to bed.

Fortunately, her mom was at our house watching the two year old that we care for. Since she was there I put Jennifer to bed and her mom went to get our two boys and the dog and bring them home.

It was around eight-thirty PM when her mom returned with our kids and dog. And that my friend is nearly the end of the story about my past week.

I stayed up to eleven working on my blog page that you see here. I hope that you enjoyed a little part of my life. Thank you so much for dropping by. Have a blog of a day.

This is “My Krazy Life” with my wife and kids!

Sincerely, Mark


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