The Brush Off!

The Brush Off!

No it’s not what you think. My lady did’t brush me off or hurt my feelings. This post is about a tooth brush review. It’s no ordinary tooth brush by “Mouth Watchers.”

It makes your mouth feel as though it has been to the dentist. When you are brushing your teeth it feels like you are flossing at the same time. It leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh!

picture from Mouth Watchers

Look at those bristles!  Standing at attention, just waiting to brush your teeth. The handle is easy to hold as well and helping you brush your teeth.

In my opinion it’s really a great tooth brush for me. I would suggest trying one if you are not getting the results from your tooth brush. Just click here┬áto purchase one. Here is also a link to find out more on who invented the Mouth Watchers tooth brush. They have a very interesting story.

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