Traveling Back In Time

Traveling Back In Time

It was 1992. I was a newly wed. My now ex-wife and I had gotten married in May 1992. After the honeymoon we went back to work and we were living life.

About month or two into the marriage, I got an offer to go on a missions trip to Uruguay. We raised some money and other people help pay the rest of my part of the airfare tickets. Thank the Lord for church family and friends.

However, the trip to Uruguay wasn’t until October 1992. So October came and all the people that were going on the trip and the congregation were excited.

We were going to Uruguay to build the first church in the city that was built by missionaries. There was a church there but it was built with alabaster offering that the Church of the Nazarene collects every year to build churches.

But this church was on the other side of the city and it was difficult for people to get to. The native people were actually having house churches on the other side of town where we were to build the church building for them to meet.

However, before we made it to Uruguay our missionary team meet up in Florida to fly as a group to Uruguay. The flight to Uruguay was a bit warm on the plane, they have turned off the cool air to save fuel.

And it was a long flight from Miami Fl to our first stop in Asuncion Paraguay. From Asuncion we flew into Buenos Aires and meet the Missionary that was in charge of the building project.

We left the airport and went to a pastor’s house in Gualeguaychu, Argentina to eat and rest before we headed to our final destination in Uruguay.

While in Gualeguaychu, we had a great chicken dinner and a evening worship service. After the service we went back to the fellowship hall and moved furniture around and blew up our air mattresses to bed down for the night.

The next morning we got up and a delicious breakfast. After breakfast we packed up our bags and prepared to head to  Tacuarembó, Uruguay.

While traveling to Tacuarembó, Uruguay we had to cross the border from Argentina to Uruguay, but while trying to cross the border there was an issue with the car that the missionary was driving. Apparently they didn’t have the correct papers in the car in order for it to cross over into Uruguay.

So we headed onto Tacuarembó, Uruguay, while the missionary went back to Gualeguaychu, Argentina. From there he got on a bus and met us in Tacuarembó, Uruguay the next day.

After arriving Tacuarembó, Uruguay we meet the local pastor and his family. We were also able to meet up with some of the people from his congregation. From there we took our bags to the dorm room where we would be staying.


The next day after eating breakfast we headed out to where we were going to build the church building. They had already poured the foundation and were waiting on us to arrive to start laying blocks.

As we surveyed the area and what we need to accomplish we went right to work. We started gathering tool, carrying cinder blocks and mixing concrete.

Once we mixed the concrete it was time to lay the first block of the foundation. One after another block were laid one on top of another.

After a couple of days the walls were nearly complete. The missionary told us that the walls to the building were some of the plummest he had ever seen with armature builders.

Next came the ceiling after all the walls were complete. The ceiling was made of metal rafter and a tin roof. However, while putting the roof on, one of the local people got hurt. While he was putting on the tin roof a metal beam that didn’t have a good weld on it gave way and bent therefore causing the local to cut his arm.

Thankfully for him it wasn’t as bad as it looked. Yes he needed about twenty to thirty stitches but he was going to be okay.

Once the building was complete, some of the people from the ladies from the church cleaned the floors. They brought in some benches, a alter, and pulpit. Because the next day we were going to have a celebration and dedication of their new church building.

Why? Was this church being built in the first place. Because this congregation was on the opposite side of town where another Nazarene church. The people in this area were meeting in each other homes in order to have church.

But with this new church building they were all going to be able to meet in one place to commune with one another in the bond of Christ.


After the celebration was over we headed back to the pastors house to get some rest before we headed out the next morning.

This trip was a very fun a rewarding missions trip. Not only did we build a building but we also go to do some site seeing.

One day we drove to Rivera, Brazil and spent the day. Another day we went site seeing at the beautiful landscape there in Tacuarembó, Uruguay.

Once we left Tacuarembó, Uruguay some traveled by bus down to Montevideo, Uruguay, the missionary and a couple of others including me drove the truck to Montevideo, Uruguay.

From Montevideo, Uruguay we took a ferry overnight to Buenos, Aries to get back to the airport so that we could fly out after doing some more site seeing there.

We went to the famous market there in Buenos, Aries.  From there we went to a leader of the country who was enshrined in a museum.

From there we went back to the local Nazarene College in Argentine and stayed the night before we headed back to Virginia the next day.

A missions trip is a great experience for anyone to have. I would suggest that everyone go on a missions trip. You will learn more about other cultures and people. You get to experience new and different experiences that you never had before.

Traveling to different places gives you something to talk about with your family and friends. So expand your world and join a missions group or volunteer program that can help other people.

That is “my krazy life”story of traveling back in time.

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