What’s Next In Blogging?

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Now, that you have created your blog. What did you determine that you were going to do with it?

Are you just going to have a blog? Or did you decide that you were going to make some money with it?

If you choose the first option. Great! Now you have a blog that you can share your stories on and share it with other people.

When you signed up for your blog. You were given a back office where you go and make adjustments and create your blog post.

This is where you create and edit you post that you make. You can add pictures, adjust the background color, enlarge or shrink the font. You are limited as to what you can do.

In a free or paid wordpress blog there is a number of things you can do:
1. create blogs
2. add site pages
3. add media
4. change or edit your theme
5. share on social media
6. add plugins
7. view site stats
8. change your plan from free to paid. allowing you to buy a domain name yourname.com instead of
yourblogname.wordpress.com. That’s if you didn’t already buy a domain name.

My suggestion is to just explore this if you choose wordpress.com. But if you choose wordpress.org you will have the same options and a whole lot more. With wordpress.org you will have the option of being self hosted which is better for creating a business with your blog.

However, if you choose the second option to “make money with your blog.”

Then Super Great!!

With choosing the second option you can make some money. All the while you can share your stories and adventures on your blog with the world!

But you ask “how can I make money with my blog?”  Well let me share with you how you can do that.

First, you have to make the decision not to give up or quit for a least the first year. This is not a “get rich quick” kind of business. It will take some time to build a brand and audience.

Second, you will have to build trust with your audience and community that you are a part of.

Third, you need to be flexible with your money. Yes, I said money. You will need to spend additional money to drive traffic to your site (that will be covered later). You may need to spend money on plugins for your site. These are just a few examples of what you will need to spend money on.

Fourth, Time! I know that everyone is “busy” these days. But you are going to have to organize your time schedule for making adjustments, doing research, creating and inserting ads, and most of all writing post. Especially if you are going to make money with your blog.

Fifth, if you are going to make money you will need to have lots of post. And it has to be original content. Your post will also need to be at least a thousands word long if not more. But don’t let that deter you from writing.

Sixth, what you have been waiting for. How to make money with your blog post. There are numerous ways to make money with your blog and here they are:
1. Placing Ads ie. Google Adsense
2. Affiliate Marketing ie. Amazon
3. Creating A Digital Product ie. an ebook, pictures
4. Product Placement
5. Income with Paid Social Media, paid Photo/Video Projects
6. Freelance Work – Photo and Video Editing
7. Blog Sponsors
8. Advertise your Own Products
There you have it. 8 ways to create income with your blog. Is that all you ask. No, now you have to signup for and create ads or products and display them on your site.

Now you ask “how do I do that?” Well stay tuned. Because that’s another blog!

Coming soon in the next few months you will be able to get this information from my ebook store.

If you would like a challenge I have a “5-day crash course; On How to Start A Money Making Blog” In order to sign up for the crash course just sign up to join our e-mail, type in course in the “note here.”

Once you sign-up you will receive an email from me explaining what you need to do. From there you will get an email the following four days detailing different task to complete. Don’t wait! Get started today learning how to start your blog and make money with it.

If you have any questions or need help please email me at markar1366@gmail.com

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    These are great tips for those just starting out and unsure of what to do next. Great job explaining the steps in which to take your blog to the next level!

  2. Reply

    Thank you so much for the information, I’ve done most of these steps. Time and money seem to be the hardest commitment 🙂 I’m stuck on the product of my own. I’ll stay tuned for the next blog post, hopefully it will help me get moving in the right direction. Please send me the course.

    • Emily Roberts
    • September 7, 2017

    Great information and reminders for those of us just starting up!

  3. Reply

    Thanks for the tips! I’m slowly starting a blog and will defiantly use your suggestions and hope to get to the next level of blogging!!

    • Ashutosh
    • September 9, 2017

    Great tips. This is useful for newbies in the blogging era
    Thanks to share that nice article!

    • Arpit Thakkar
    • September 11, 2017

    Thanks for the helpful tips. Keep sharing such useful posts.

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